Women – ‘Service Animal’ 7″

Posted on 23/10/2011


It’s unfortunate but, after their messy break earlier this year, it’s looking like Canadian noise-poppers Women will never record again. Last year’s full-length, Public Strain, was wonderful and they certainly went out on a high with their contribution (‘Bullfight’) to a four-way split with Fair Ohs, Friendo and Cold Pumas, but it’s a pretty significant loss regardless. They were truly one of the most talented and unique bands I’ve heard, and I spent quite a while feeling depressed about the fact that there’s so little of their crackling, shoegazing goodness for me to drool over. You can imagine my joy, then, when a few weeks ago I discovered this, Service Animal, a limited single released with pre-orders of Public Strain; two songs by this amazing band I had yet to hear! Obviously, they don’t disappoint, with the title track emphasising guitarists Michael Wallace and Patrick Flegel’s instantly recognisable, spidery guitar lines, while ‘Grey Skies’ showcases the band in a more downbeat mode, a slow, pretty track along the lines of ‘Penal Colony’ or ‘Black Rice’. They may never come back, so I’ll take what I can get, and you should too.

Women – Service Animal 7″

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