Mihai Edrisch – Discography

Posted on 23/10/2011


Tragically overlooked, Mihai Edrisch are in my opinion one of the greatest screamo bands to ever have existed.   This is screamo at its best.  Everything is done perfectly; the guitars are dissonant as FUCK, layered beautifully over each other, the screaming is desperate and passionate, and, most importantly, the music is unrelenting.  ‘L’un Sans L’autre’ in particular for me is one of the most hauntingly beautiful records I’ve ever listened to.  Members have been in other awesome bands, like Daitro and currently, Celeste.  Anyone who likes any sort of screamo related music will adore these albums.


Mihai Edrisch – ‘L’un Sans L’autre

Download: (Mediafire)

Mihai Edrisch – ‘Un Jour Sans Lendemain’

Download: (Mediafire)

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