Total Abuse – ‘Prison Sweat’

Posted on 19/10/2011


I’ve just finished a fairly extensive essay, it’s extremely late and I’m beyond exhausted. The perfect mood, then, to put on Total Abuse‘s loathsome, seething new LP, Prison Sweat. I was pretty psyched to check this out and, man, I was not disappointed. The record opens with ‘Final Passage’ a grinding seven minutes of pure, nauseating noise; an endurance test that verges on near-masochistic, well, abuse. Don’t be put off, this band means business when they get down to it, and I am loving this album right now. The title track is a lumbering, clumsy eight minutes of filthy, scummy sludge that your mother will love, but the rest of the album (intro aside) presents the Total Abuse we all know and adore. ‘Hidden Blood’ and ‘Early Morning’ are typically bullshit free no-nonsense punk workouts, eventually collapsing into awesomely cathartic shards of feedback and noise, while ‘Hogg’, on my first listen the standout track, is wonderfully crass and fucked up, to the extent that you can almost hear their vocalist frothing at the mouth. Few bands can play music this ugly so well without resorting to gimmicks, and Total Abuse do so effortlessly. Resilience is the keyword here, so fight through the pain and listen to this now.

Total Abuse – Prison Sweat

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