Stop It!! – ‘Self Made Maps’

Posted on 18/10/2011


Little is known about Richmond, VA’s ‘Stop It!!’.  I actually discovered this band when I was first getting into heavier music (that wasn’t metal), and was easily one of my most played screamo/punk records at the time.  I’m having a little nostalgic binge currently, and stumbled back on to this when going through my itunes ‘most played’ playlist.  This album is raw.  Songs regularly change back and forth from frantic, punk driven, heavily distorted riffs to serenic, almost post-rock-ish melodies.  It’s the opposite of Coldplay; unpredictable and underplayed.  I can’t stress enough how fucking fantastic this album is.  It’s sad that such an amazing Debut LP would be the only record this band would record and release (bar a few demo tracks).  Check it out and feel my pain:

Stop It!! – ‘Self Made Maps

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