Old Wounds – ‘Terror Eyes’ 7″ + ‘The Watcher’ Video

Posted on 16/10/2011


I’d never even heard of New Jersey-based outfit Old Wounds until a few days ago, but I’ll be damned if their cheerless, crusty take on hardcore doesn’t hit the spot for me. This band takes Eyehategod’s punk stylings and throws it in a blender with more contemporary hardcore; don’t tell me you can’t hear a LOT of Mike Williams in vocalist Brandon Gallagher’s tortured death rattles. The band’s putting out a 7″, entitled Terror Eyes, later this month, and you can get a taste of what it’s like with the video for one of its tracks, ‘The Watcher’, below. All five of its tracks are rad as hell, kicking off on a suitably wretched note with ‘Black Daze’ and carrying that vile, scummy mood that I love so much throughout the EP’s eight minutes. You know you’re dealing with some chill-ass bros when they agree to give away their entire EP for freesies too, and Old Wounds did just that. Download and, if you’re so inclined, order a physical copy of Terror Eyes after the jump.

Old Wounds – ‘The Watcher’ Video

Old Wounds – Terror Eyes

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