Tech Out the Dresser 06: Lil Ugly Mane / New Isaiah & Hovey

Posted on 15/10/2011


Lil Ugly Mane is weird as shit. He plays Screw-type woozy Three Six Mafia rap with a really, really dark edge. Honestly I don’t really know what else to say, he’s kind of on some Spaceghostpurrp shit, except weirder and scarier. This definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love this shit, and if you don’t like the music you’ll at least enjoy the titles (TELL DEM BOYZ IMA SKELETON or DEY BOUT 2 FIND YO BODY, all in capitals, for example). His music is all free on his bandcamp too, his PLAYAZ CIRCLE mixtape is highly recommended.

Check it:

And if you’re feeling it, peep this video:

isaiah and hoveyIsaiah & Hovey were recently kind enough to send us a couple of new tracks that will feature on their upcoming album. Both are fire, with “Rhymes 365” sampling Nas and “Watch Out For Me” shouting out Camp Lo, which I can definitely get down with (Luchini and Coolie High are my jams too). “Rhymes 365” see them going for a more traditional boom-bap sound and pulling it off well, while “Watch Out For Me” sees them treading more new ground with a production style really quite different to anything on Dante’s Love Inferno Machine. Much love to them for sharing this with us, check it out at:

Download: (Mediafire)

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