Teenage Cool Kids – ‘Denton After Sunset’

Posted on 14/10/2011


Teenage Cool Kids‘ depressingly rad new album, ‘Denton After Sunset’, has leaked.  It’s a lot mellower than their previous effort, Queer Salutations (one of my favourite albums of all time) but it’s a great listen nevertheless.  What surprised me the most was there use of dissonant guitar melodies, as opposed to their usual clean riffery, as well as the adoption of a smoother vocal style (it’s less angsty for sure).  Different, but I like it a lot.  It’s actually been out for a while now, but i’ve been pretty asbent from the net as of late due to the increased China censorship.  I think my posting is going to be pretty inconsistent until i move to Australia in February, but just bear with me, i’ll try and make sure i get up all the new releases I can.  For now, download this and be happy:

Teenage Cool Kids – ‘Denton After Sunset’

Download: (Mediafire)

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