Trash Talk – ‘Awake’ EP

Posted on 13/10/2011


Yes yes y’all, Sacramento bruisers Trash Talk‘s highly anticipated new EP, Awake, has just come out and you can get your grubby hands all over it right here. It’s typically vitriolic, with every song crushing and destroying at a level few bands can achieve, from ‘Slander”s relentless, thrashing fifty seconds to the title track’s pure, near-anthemic savagery. This band suffered from a lot of backlash following last year’s Eyes & Nines full-length, with the basis of the ‘criticism’ falling on the fact that it got the band exposure beyond the hardcore cognoscenti, which is basically the worst possible reason not to like something. I won’t lie, it’s kind of frustrating when you read reviews praising ‘Gimme Death”s “merciless, lurching grind” (good work, Rock Sound), but being an elitist really has no place in this genre. Awake rules hard, and I’ve only listened to it 1.5 times so far, so get on that before you regret it.

Trash Talk – Awake

Download: (Mediafire)

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