Jay Electronica – ‘Call of Duty MW3’ [ft. Mobb Deep]

Posted on 12/10/2011


Few people can legitimately claim to be among the most skilled MCs in existence, and even fewer can do so without, you know, having released an album. Jay Electronica is one of those people, and he’s just put out yet another track, one of many in a long line of infuriatingly sporadic single releases. His flow on ‘Call of Duty MW3’ is typically cryptic; I challenge anyone to make sense of “Please God tell Flex drop a bomb on me/Tell the Minister to tattoo the Quran on me/before the men in black try to pin a crime on me/and Rupert Murdock and his goons get to lyin on me”. The guy is an enigma. Regardless, this track is significantly better than the untitled song he put out last month, and, as an added bonus, it features New York legends Mobb Deep. While 2011 is probably too much to ask, maybe next year will see an actual album. Oh well, for now, check out his latest cock-tease below.

Jay Electronica – ‘Call of Duty MW3’ [ft. Mobb Deep]

Download: (Mediafire)

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