arch m – ‘Cples’ EP

Posted on 10/10/2011


I’ve had a fair bit of reading and studying to do of late, and this, arch m‘s gorgeous Cples EP, has been invaluable to me during the process. The guy makes hazy, sun-soaked bedroom tunes perfect for working late into the night or for a contemplative fifteen minutes on the train. The songs are short and oh so sweet, and anyone who doesn’t like ‘Cple Outside Park With Me”s twinkly, lush three minutes is undoubtedly a liar. Honestly, this EP is, to me, the aural representation of a dream, complete with field recordings and choppy samples. 2010’s Land Huxt is wonderful too, and it was announced a while ago that the guy would be releasing new music at some point as well. I haven’t heard of any follow up to that, and it really can’t come soon enough. Fingers crossed, but for now, check out Cples.

arch m – Cples EP

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