The Field – ‘From Here We Go Sublime’

Posted on 08/10/2011


Yeah, so this post is a little redundant seeing as this album is both widely available and has been raved about plenty already, but whatever, man. I saw The Field live last night for the second time (it wasn’t nearly as good as the first, for the record) and the album in question, 2007’s From Here We Go Sublime, is 100% entitled to all the praise it’s gotten. Every track here is an individual headphone masterpiece, with songs like ‘Sun and Ice’ and ‘A Paw in My Face’ striking a perfect balance between soothing and intense, and then there’s my individual favourite, ‘Everday’, with that glorious Stevie Nicks sample. Every track here is minimalistic perfection, and if, for some reason, you haven’t heard this, I’d advise you to change this ASAP. His latest, Looping State of Mind, doesn’t compare, in my opinion, if, for some reason, that’s any more convincing. Download and bliss out.

The Field – From Here We Go  Sublime

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