MIXTAPE: Jon Chang

Posted on 05/10/2011


We’re very proud to present to you the latest in our series of mixtapes, one put together by none other than Jon Chang, vocalist on such records as Discordance Axis‘ seminal grindcore masterpiece The Inalienable Dreamless, Gridlink‘s Amber Gray, and, more recently, Orphan, the aforementioned Gridlink’s stunning second release. Basically, you can’t fuck with his CV. His listening habits are as weird, eclectic and hyperactive as the music he makes, which is either exactly what you expected, or the total opposite. Anyway, check out his eleven song playlist below, and download it after the jump.

RosenfeldIn the Garden
A Japanese band I got into because of their relentless devotion to thrash beats, catchy evil guitar work and screaming injected with emotion. Their live visuals are also a maelstrom of hair, make-up and movement.

X-JapanBlue Blood + Vanishing Vision
Listening to some of their older stuff after seeing the Hello Kitty video with their song ‘Orgasm’. X-Japan is a band that went from being full out thrash to pop music, but they always had a lot of feeling in what they did. Will never forget the video of the drummer crying during a performance while hammering the shit out of his drums.

Public Enemy
Been blowing through a selected play list cherry picking from He Got Game, Fear of a Black Planet, Apocalypse and It Takes a Nation of Millions. I always loved the aggression and distorted rhythms that drove this band. I come back to PE every year or so because they are so off the beaten track of my day to day.

Public Enemy

SlayerReign in Blood + World Painted Blood
Reign in Blood is the best record ever. RIB has never left rotation for more than a few weeks since it came out in 1986. Whenever I want a driving soundtrack to focus and work, this is it.

Nine Inch NailsThe Slip
The last NIN record is probably my favorite. Reznor hit on a bunch of emotional cues but made a record that didn’t back off at all from what made NIN, NIN

Creepy, haunting and relentless, nothing is more satisfying for me than when a band doesn’t let off the gas pedal and keeps it interesting.


‘Red Dead Redemption’ Soundtrack
Epic music. I can put this on and get transported to someplace else.

Jóhann Jóhannsson –  ‘Escape’, ‘Krokidill’, ‘The Rocket Builder’ and ‘Forlandia’
Specific tracks for when I need to concentrate or relax. Deep music that takes my imagination places and allows me to focus.

KK Null Ultimate Material II
I occasionally have bouts of insomnia. I’ve been going through one recently. This record calms me down and lets me relax.

KK Null

Japanese power metal band that is epic, emotional and got more hook than bass on the line.

Deathspell Omega –  Paracletus + Chaining the Catcheon
The first band in years to blow my hair back with their complexity, layers and ability to take relentless speed and give it texture beyond pure aggression. These records are creepy, angry, evil and more.

MIXTAPE: Jon Chang


1. Rosenfeld – ‘Holocaust Eve [Live]’

2. X-Japan – ‘Orgasm’

3. Public Enemy – ‘Fight the Power’

4. Slayer – ‘Angel of Death’

5. Nine Inch Nails – ‘Discipline’

6. 1349 – ‘Atomic Chapel’

7. Bill Elm and Woody Jackson – ‘Redemption in Dub’

8. Johann Johannsson – ‘Forlandia’

9. KK Null – ‘Heaven’s Breath’

10. Galneryus – ‘Glorious Aggressor

11. Deathspell Omega – ‘Devouring Famine’

Download: (Mediafire)

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