Tech Out the Dresser 05: Kool Keith – ‘Sex Style’

Posted on 02/10/2011


Kool keith

A lot of people do know of him, but Kool Keith often seems to be forgotten. Perhaps it’s because he’s such a singular artist; there are really no other rappers out there like him, though you might see traces of his pornocore styling in don’t-give-a-fuck rappers like Eminem and recent upstarts Odd Future. He got his start with the Ultramagnetic MCs, and has done other shit under different aliases (Dr. Dooom/Octagon) and released an album as a duo with Tim Dog under the name Ultra (totally worth checking out by the way). Unsurprisingly with so many guises he has a pretty huge discography, but Sex Style sees him at this prime. The title pretty much tells you what you’re getting; super-bizarre sex raps over bouncy, squelchy beats. There’s also a lot of urinating and “doo doo”… Classic.

kool keith Download: (Mediafire)

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