Coma Cinema – ‘Blue Suicide’

Posted on 01/10/2011


Over the past few weeks, Coma Cinema‘s Blue Suicide has become a pretty good place to start the process of feeling sorry for myself when I’m feeling down. I keep coming back to this album, and it’s no wonder really; Mat Cothran (the band’s sole member) is able to express his hurt and frustration much more eloquently and poetically than I could ever hope to, although my ‘problems’, which are already extremely petty and mundane, pale in comparison to what this guy’s been through. Simplicity is at the forefront of his writing, however, so don’t expect long-winded and needlessly verbose monologues or something. My favourite track, ‘Hell’, says more about pain in 1 minute and 21 seconds than I ever could. Don’t tell me you don’t wish you’d written this:

The only thing permanent about true love
is the pain you feel when it goes
So turn your back on forever
run from the past as it explodes

You are a mirror image
of a god you’ll never know
who created hell
to show you how to be alone

Break the heart of the one you love
to serve the one you fear
So used to self-abuse by now
because the end is always near

You are a mirror image
of a girl you’ll never know
Who waits in hell
so you don’t have to be alone

Deep stuff. As for the actual music, the tag “indie-pop” comes with a whole bunch of totally lame, cutesie connotations that have absolutely nothing to do with Coma Cinema, but it’s probably the best descriptor here. It would be a mistake making the songs as dark as the lyrics, and Cothran’s dreamy songwriting is best exemplified on ‘Eva Angelina’, a beautiful, hazy dirge with, what else, subtly depressing lyrics over the top. I wasn’t even aware this album came out this year until today, so there’s the added bonus that this will most likely make my ‘Best of 2011’ list. You should probably download this.

Coma Cinema – Blue Suicide

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