Wormrot – ‘Noise’

Posted on 25/09/2011


I know, I know, so Scion already put this out for free, blah blah blah. But what better way to stick it to the corporate pigs than by downloading Wormrot‘s fresh new EP, Noise, from our humble blog instead? Take THAT, system! For real though, this release is some Grade A shit, proving once again that these guys are more than capable of grinding it out with the big guns. Each of the five songs on this beast crush and destroy in all the right places, riffs and blastbeats so potent and searing it almost hurts. This year’s Dirge full-length was rad, of course, but I honestly found 25 tracks of grind a little hard to digest, in that, you know, it’s hard for songs to stick out. That is precisely why I’m loving Noise so much right now, with its significantly shorter tracklisting allowing each song to be more memorable in their own right. And I know Wormrot have a history of AMAZING song titles (‘Butt Krieg is Showing’, ‘Fuck… I’m Drunk’, ‘Fuck… I’m Sober’, etc.), but ‘Breed to Breed’ might just top them all AND take the cake for best Napalm Death-related reference/pun ever. I kind of have a soft spot for this band because I used to live in Singapore, but man, regardless of my bias, I think this might be one of the best releases of 2011. Check it out, yo.

Wormrot – Noise

Download: (Mediafire)

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