Fag Cop/Ex-Fag Cop – Discography?

Posted on 19/09/2011


I have dedicated the last month or so of my life to one purpose, and one purpose only: tracking down as much of enigmatic US (presumably)-based lo-fi punk monster Fag Cop‘s discography as possible. Unfortunately, I was met with frustration at every turn and, in the end, I’ve only half-succeeded. I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to piece together all their output available online, but that’s about as extensive as this collection of nineteen songs gets. My mission is, of course, ongoing, and I will not rest until I own every FC song ever produced, so feel free to help me out, y’all.

Little is known about this band, and research only brings up more and more questions. Membership rotates, with confirmed bandmates performing under such names as Lou Piss and Greg Bastard, while interviews are cryptic and largely ambiguous. The band also performs and releases music as Ex-Fag Cop, for reasons unknown. Does this mean the cop in question is no longer employed by the police, or does it imply he/she has moved on from what we can only assume were homosexual tendencies… or both? Who knows? Who cares? Cuz, man, when it comes to the music, words just cannot do it justice. This is harsh, scummy punk with a lo-fi aesthetic so grating they’ve out-shitgazed Psychedelic Horseshit. When it comes to the medium of sound, (Ex-)Fag Cop are as close to “no-fi” as it gets. The band has actually labelled themselves as ‘jizzwave’, and I think I’ll leave it to them to elaborate, rather than attempt to do so myself:

Jizz is what you leave behind for someone else to discover. When they find it, they are shocked or annoyed, rarely pleased. The creation of jizz is more interesting than the finding of jizz. Finding jizz might ruin your day. Creating jizz might make it.

So there you have it. Anyway, if push comes to shove, my favourite release of theirs would have to be the I’m Fucking Dead 7″, probably the best place to start for anyone in need of a migraine. They’ve got an LP, Whimpers From the Pantheon, due on October 10th, and I’m only half-joking when I say that I’m PSYCHED. Radly enough, the band has made side A available for listening/download on their Bandcamp, which you can check out below, along with all the other stuff I’ve managed to put together. Punishing and scummy in the best possible way, say hello to your new favourite band.

Fag Cop – Whimpers From the Pantheon Side A

Download this HERE

Fag Cop – Illuminati Dollar
Download: (Mediafire)

Fag Cop – I’m Fucking Dead

Download: (Mediafire)

Fag Cop – Miscellaneous Tracks


1. ‘Gonna Wanna Run Away Someday’ [Taken from Complete Shit, Vol. 1]

2. ‘Attack of the Killer Bong Rips’ [Single]

3. ‘My Daddy’s Got White Trash Friends’ [Taken from The World’s Lousy With Ideas, Vol. 4]

Download: (Mediafire)

Ex-Fag Cop – Ex-Fag Cop

Download: (Mediafire)

Ex-Fag Cop – Fag Cop Tape

Download: (Mediafire)

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