Rape Blossoms – ‘Starving Vultures at 7-Eleven’

Posted on 17/09/2011


A few days ago, I traveled all the way to some obscure corner of Holland with the object of seeing HEALTH live, and was mildly annoyed when I arrived at the venue significantly earlier than anticipated, with little else to do but catch some band called Rape Blossoms play. Man, thank FUCK I did, because these guys not only surpassed my expectations, but they proceeded to beat the living shit out of them with their visceral, noisy spin on post-punk. Hailing from Ghent, in Belgium, Rape Blossoms play a loop-heavy, discordant brand of punk that that should hit the spot for fans of both Bauhaus and Iceage, and their debut LP, Starving Vultures at 7-Eleven, more than lives up to radness of their live show. Album/show highlights ‘Hungry Wolves’ and ‘No Higher Plot’ are particularly impressive, with powerful basslines and jarring, aggressive playing and production, appropriate considering the album was recorded in a single day. The record, which came out in the summer, is out in extremely limited quantities, but their vocalist, David Defrenne, was kind enough to hook us up with free downloads for three of its songs, off their Soundcloud page. They’re working on new stuff, but until then, check out Starving Vultures below.

Rape BlossomsStarving Vultures at 7-Eleven

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