Wavves – ‘Destroy’ [ft. Fucked Up]

Posted on 15/09/2011


The problem with the speed at which Wavves puts out new singles and releases is that Nathan Williams and co.’s ‘cheekily self-aware’ slacker anthems tend to run thin as a gimmick. This is best exemplified by ‘I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl’, a tired, crushingly mediocre case of a band trying too hard to force a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ image. I could argue that this is what they do best, but balanced debates are for pussies. Regardless, the aforementioned song and a few others will be released on their totally wackily-titled EP Life Sux, on September 20th, and the latest track to be revealed off it is ‘Destroy’. This song hits a little closer to my heart, mainly because it features Fucked Up, one of my favourite bands, like, ever. Williams is known to be into hardcore (see Wavves’ split with Trash Talk, a band who, incidentally, have a song called ‘Destroy’), so taking this step is a pretty good move in my book. I gotta say, I’m liking the song, a pretty straight-forward, fun blast of melodic punk, with Damian Abraham’s trademark growl-y barks layered over Williams’ instantly recognisable, bratty voice. Summer 4eva, etc., etc.

Wavves – ‘Destroy’ [ft. Fucked Up]

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