Fuck the Facts – ‘Drift’ + ‘A Coward’s Existence’

Posted on 14/09/2011


Fuck the Facts‘ Disgorge, Mexico is a masterpiece. This is not merely an opinion, but an objective truth. That album is fucking HUGE in every riff, blast beat and tortured death growl, a milestone in heavy music, taking so-called ‘extreme’ metal to entirely new heights. This album ranks as one of my all-time favourite ‘heavy’ albums, something which should be taken as a pretty big compliment considering there’s only a handful of death metal bands that don’t bore me to tears. You can imagine I was pretty excited when I heard, and this was a few months ago, that the band were working on a followup to Disgorge, as well as last year’s excellent Unnamed EP. The record, Die Miserable, is out on October 11th, and after hearing the two new songs, ‘Drift’ and, in particular, ‘A Coward’s Existence’, I’d say my current state of giddiness is totally justified. Both songs are typically groovy (in the full sense of the word) slabs of crushing, tasty death/grind, and I cannae wait to hear the rest of the album. October 11th is gonna be RAD, considering that Trash Talk’s Awake 7″ comes out on the same day, as we highlighted yesterday. GRIND TILL DETH.

Fuck the Facts – ‘Drift’ + ‘A Coward’s Existence’

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