Trash Talk – ‘Awake’

Posted on 13/09/2011


Good news, y’all: Trash Talk totes have a new 7″, entitled Awake, coming out on October 11th,  featuring five all-new songs. Judging from its title track, this shit’s gonna be BANGIN’. It’s a typically awesome minute-and-a-bit of manic, adrenaline-fueled intensity that’s every bit as violent and mosh-worthy as we’ve come to expect from them, and you can consider me psyched as hell for it to come out. Don’t be hatin’, not everyone’s into Cro-Mags’ first two demos, you pretentious fuck. The only thing that’s worrying me is that I see a track called ‘Gimme Shelter’ in the EP’s tracklisting. Let’s pray to god TT are steering clear of a Rolling Stones cover. Regardless, I can’t wait for October 11th, and until then, SEE YOU IN THE PIT!

Looking for the full EP?  Go HERE!

Trash Talk – ‘Awake’

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