The Front Bottoms – ‘The Front Bottoms’

Posted on 06/09/2011


The Front Bottoms are a 2-piece indie/pop/acoustic-ish band who just released their new LP.  This post is dedicated to my good friend Harri, who makes up half of the fan base of this blog and is just a pretty jiving dude.  I’ve never been hugely into this band, however ‘The Beers’ did kick some serious ass, so I wasn’t pumped for this album as much as I was for, say, the new Algernon, but nevertheless I was excited.  Anyway I want to get this link up so you can enjoy, so no mass description, but the album is cool and worth the time.

The Front Bottoms – ‘The Front Bottoms’

Download: (Mediafire)

(Sorry guys, the band has asked me to take the link down BUT the album is streaming here)

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