Prawn – ‘You Can Just Leave It All’ + ‘2010 Tour Tape’

Posted on 04/09/2011


Given the relative popularity of my post on ‘False Institutions’, and how fucking great this band is, I decided to post the rest of their discography.  ‘You Can Just Leave It All’ was released this year and is excellent, a lot less intense than false institutions, but it did make me cry so perhaps it’ll have a similar effect on you.  The ‘2010 Tour Tape’ has 3 pretty sweet tracks on it also (since they’re also on the 2011 LP), although it is my least favourite release, but that’s probably just to do with it’s size. I put it up for download anyway, since if you’re like me having the entire collection is important.  Hopefully this band can churn out some new shit quickly, I personally can’t get enough of them.

Prawn – ‘You Can Just Leave It All’

Download: (Mediafire)

Prawn – ‘2010 Tour Tape’

Download: (Mediafire)

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