Early Graves – ‘Goner’

Posted on 03/09/2011


Last month marked the fact that it’s been a year since the tragic (and morbidly fitting) death of Early Graves vocalist Mahk Daniels. Quite a loss, as Goner shows. It’s a vitriolic beast of an album, and far and away one of my favourite of 2010’s releases, with songs so violent it nears physical abuse, which I mean as a compliment, of course. Songs like the title track, ‘Wraiths’ and ‘Rot’ channel dark, modern hardcore riffage through classic crust via Entombed, while ‘Trauma’ and ‘Give Up’ are bleak, nihilistic and, more importantly, genuine in their uncompromising negativity. Goner sure does hit the spot when you’re feeling pissy and, honestly, if listening to this isn’t cathartic in some way, then, and please don’t anyone take offense to this, you’re more lifeless than Mahk Daniels.

Early Graves – Goner

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