Candy Claws – ‘Two Airships / Exploder Falls’

Posted on 02/09/2011


I’m a pretty big fan of Hidden Lands, Candy Claws‘ lovely 2010 full-length, and while browsing through their back catalogue, I came across this, a two-song, thirty minute oddity markedly different from their otherwise relatively gentle, cutesie dream pop. Released back in 2008, Two Airships / Exploder Falls, which I suppose has to be called a ‘single’, is surprisingly raw in its sound, a wonderful half hour of shimmering, lo-fi shoegaze. The two songs are entirely instrumental, another contrast with their newer work, and twist and turn with unexpected, driving intensity. However, despite their length, there’s hooks aplenty within both tracks, so maintaining your attention shouldn’t be a problem. I was skeptical at first, but that disappeared the moment I played ‘Two Airships’.

Candy ClawsTwo Airships / Exploder Falls

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