Tech Out the Dresser 03: Lavish – ‘Good Enough’

Posted on 01/09/2011


Lavish isn’t particularly well known, but he should be. He makes fairly inoffensive, chilled out tunes, which goes some way in explaining his obscurity; he’s not going to be making waves with the uniqueness of his sound or storming the blogosphere with a larger-than-life internet presence. What he does do, however, is make really fucking solid rap music that is easily a cut above the average up-and-comer. The beats range from smooth, at times G-funk-y joints to the minimalist more east-coast sound on “Getting out my dreams”. His actual rapping is, like his beats, smooth but very competent.

Good Enough came out last year and it is a really enjoyable and highly recommended listen, but he has a bunch more albums available on his bandcamp. And they’re all FOR FREE. Check it and spread the word, this guy should be big.

He’s also apparently friends with the Odd Future lads, if that makes you any more inclined to check him out.


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