Old Gray – ‘Do I Dare Disturb The Universe’

Posted on 01/09/2011


I’ve been looking forward to a proper release from these guys for quite some time.  A while back (when I posted about Emo Revival) I had read that they were breaking up, which was disappointing since their demo held so much promise.  Thankfully, they didn’t, and this new album shows their progression from a jangly garage emo band to a much more polished, (almost screamo-ish at times) tight emo outfit. If you’re thinking they may have lost their charm as a result of this, do not fear.  The new album still has many similarities to the demo, but with greater production quality.  Very enjoyable abum, a very nice follow up to a great demo.  Officially this comes out tomorrow, but a dude from the band posted the leak (I have no idea why) on their lastFM.

Old Gray – ‘Do I Dare Disturb The Universe’

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