Century – ‘Red Giant’

Posted on 01/09/2011


There’s really not much for me to write here, because I have yet to listen to this album, but it literally JUST started making rounds on the internet, and I want to post it while the getting’s good. However, I can say that Century‘s first full-length, Black Ocean, released in 2008, was one of THE best (and most underrated) ‘heavy’ albums of the last decade, a collection of some of the most well-crafted, relentless metal I’ve ever heard. Here was an album that actually benefited from its airtight, polished production. The record received absolutely no recognition, to my chagrin, so I’m hoping Red Giant will end that. The one song I’ve heard off it, ‘Oak God’, was promising, despite the unfortunate addition of clean vocals in the middle of an otherwise punishing blast of metallic hardcore. Show these guys some luv, they deserve it.

Century – Red Giant

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