MIXTAPE: Chris Liu

Posted on 31/08/2011


If you didn’t know already, Chris Liu sings and plays guitar in Brave Bird.  As well as this, he listens to some pretty interesting tunes. As these mixtape things go, I emailed him asking for some songs he digs, and he was kind enough to abide. The 11-song playlist is available for download at the bottom of the post.  Big thanks to Chris for taking part, hopefully you guys will enjoy this playlist as much as I did.

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Slingshot Dakota – ‘Until The Day I Die’
My friend Sean, who plays drums in this awesome band Pity Sex (also from Ann Arbor), showed me Slingshot Dakota earlier this summer while we were on the topic of bands with girl vocalists. I absolutely fell in love with singer’s voice the first play through, and I’ve listened to this song about a thousand times since. I still can’t get over the part where her voice like slides into a quick falsetto at the end of a vocal line.

Carissa’s Wierd – ‘Ignorant Pieces of Shit’
I think this is the only band that can make me feel comfortable with being sad. Not to say the lyrics aren’t great, but Carissa’s Wierd to me is way more about the atmosphere and instrumentation, especially at the end of this song where it goes from like minor to major; I’m all about that type of thing.

Carissa’s Wierd

Crime in Stereo – ‘Young/Type One’
I’m a huge fan of Crime in Stereo, and was super bummed when they broke up. I listed two songs instead of one, just because they come one after another on their latest full-length, and I always listen to just those two songs for some reason. Young is slow and climactic, while Type One’s fast and heavy. These guys were super underrated, and everyone needs to listen to all of their releases.

Kevin Devine – ‘Carnival’
The songs on Brother’s Blood were way less singer/songwriter tinged, and less overtly personal than K-dev’s previous releases, which I try to do with my own songwriting. This is one of those songs that pretty much says “oh well, what can I even do”, which is how I feel most days.

Into It. Over It. – ‘Wicker Park’
A perfect song. Evan’s lyrics are catchy and clever but still so honest sounding. Typically when I’m long-winded it’s pretty lame, so that’s all I’ll say about this song.

Into It. Over It.

Tegan and Sara – ‘Nineteen’
Brave Bird did a cover of this song at a show once. We actually did an entire Tegan and Sara cover set one time. We dressed up like Tegan and Sara in the Alligator video. It was pretty fun.

Jawbreaker – ‘Accident Prone’
I like to tell people, when I feel depressed and want to be alone, “Oh I’m gonna go to my room and listen to Jawbreaker”… And that’s exactly what I do.


Bear vs. Shark – ‘Bloodgiver’
Bear vs. Shark has been one of my favorite bands since high school, and I love them even more because they’re from Michigan. Mark Paffi has got the sickest voice in the world. I have no idea what this song is about lyrically, but it’s still my favorite song of their first full-length.

Paint it Black – ‘Womb Envy’
I’ve lived in a house where hardcore shows are thrown nearly every weekend, but overall I don’t listen to much hardcore, except I listen to a lot of Modern Life is War and Paint it Black. I just really like the guitar part at the end, and Dan Yemin’s lyrics are so smart. He should be president.

Brand New – ‘Play Crack The Sky’
This is my favorite song of all time.

Mixtape: Chris Liu


1. Slingshot Dakota – ‘Until the Day I Die’

2. Carissa’s Wierd – ‘Ignorant Piece of Shit’

3. Crime In Stereo – ‘Young/Type One’

4. Kevin Divine – ‘Carnival’

5. Into It. Over It. – ‘Wicker Park’

6. Tegan and Sara – ‘Nineteen’

7. Jawbreaker – ‘Accident Prone’

8. Bear vs. Shark – ‘Bloodgiver’

9. Paint it Black – ‘Womb Envy’

10. Brand New – ‘Play Crack The Sky’

Download: Mediafire

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