Wetnurse – ‘Invisible City’

Posted on 30/08/2011


Who can blame me for the fact that I tend to forget just how great Wetnurse‘s Invisible City is? Released in 2008, the record garnished a miniscule amount of attention, but just enough for me to listen to it and get hooked. You always take a risk listening to a totally unknown band’s album, but by golly gosh, did it ever pay off here. This band’s music is difficult to label, a combination of off-kilter rhythms, post-hardcore experimentation and frantic, almost demented vocals; basically, imagine if Oxbow played hardcore, and NOT just because both bands have black vocalists who could rip me to shreds. ‘Your Last Flower’ twists, turns and, ultimately, destroys, ‘Not Your Choice’ verges on complete lunacy in the best possible way, and ‘Sacred Peel’ honestly has one of my favourite riffs, like, ever. Really, each of this album’s eight songs has something special to offer. Members of the band have kept themselves busy in similarly weird death metal band Flourishing, but I hear a new release could be in the works soon. I can’t wait.

Wetnurse – Invisible City

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