The One AM Radio – ‘Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread’

Posted on 30/08/2011


This is way off base to what I usually post, and even further from what I usually listen to, but for some reason I really like this album.  ‘The One AM Radio’ is a mixture of electronic tweaked acoustics and layered vocal melodies, and is a project of this dude called ‘Hrishikesh Hirway’.  I’ve been kinda nostalgic the past couple of days, and really not in the mood for anything to loud or chaotic, and this hit the spot.  You could even describe this album as electro-pop, a genre who’s name makes me feel ill, but I like it and I don’t know why.  Apparently this album is a lot different from his previous efforts, which I will be checking out as soon as I get around to it.  If you do check this out, don’t be to quick to judge.  Listen all the way through.  If you hate it, then I envy you.

The One AM Radio – ‘Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread’

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