Joy O – ‘Sicko Cell / Knock Knock’

Posted on 28/08/2011


Sicko Cell / Knock Knock is the latest single by Joy O, the artist also/formerly known as Joy Orbison. It’s actually very unclear as to whether this is a permanent change in name, or if he’ll continue to release music under his previous recording title. There’s certainly marked differences between the two, with this release, the second following Wade In / Jels, showcasing more skeletal, sparse songs, repetitive beats and a reliance on buildups around a single theme, rather than clear song transitions. Both songs feature Joy O’s typically chopped, pitch-shifted vocal samples, but are supplemented by techno-ish beats, rather than the dubstep/garage-y beats distinctive of his older work. I actually prefer the B-side here; ‘Knock Knock’ is as spacey and stark as its accompanying album art, and is a pretty clear continuation of the aforementioned debut single. Hopefully, 2011 will see more of Joy O(rbison). Check it out.

Joy O – Sicko Cell / Knock Knock

Download: (Mediafire)

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