Into It. Over It. – ‘12 Towns Compilation’

Posted on 28/08/2011


Not sure why, but even though this came out officially August 9th, it’s been pretty hard to find.  So here’s the songs off ’12 Towns’ compiled.  It’s actually probably my favourite collection of IIOI tunes, and makes for a pretty great listen.  His new album ‘proper’ comes out September 27th, which i’ll be sure to post as soon as it hits the web.  Until then, enjoy:

Into It. Over It. – ’12 Towns Compliation’


1.) Nashville, TN
2.) Orlando, FL
3.) Brenham, TX
4.) Cambridge, MA
5.) Summerville, SC
6.) Westmont, NJ
7.) Augusta, GA
8.) Buffalo, NY
9.) Billings, MT
10.) Portland, OR
11.) Washington, DC
12.) Pontiac, MI

Download: Mediafire

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