Circle Takes The Square – ‘Decompositions, Volume I, Chapter 1: Rites of Initiation’

Posted on 28/08/2011


HOLY FUCK SHIT.  It’s out.  I’m going to make this quick since all screamo fans will be itching to get their grubby little fingers on this.  I’m going to assume everyone already knows this because if you don’t, well, fuck you, but this is the first CTTS release since ’04.  It’s easily the most anticipated screamo release of 2011, and will determine whether or not the full album ‘Decompositions’ will make me squeal like a little girl in anticipation for it.  So i’ll sum up quickly with the important stuff.  This album is different, don’t expect to hear old CTTS. They’ve sort of taken doomy guitars, combined them with their scrammy vocals and thrown in some chanty vocal melodies for good measure (reinforces their label as ‘experimental screamo’).  That doesn’t make sense now I read it back, but i’m so excited right now that I don’t really care.  (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

 Circle Takes The Square – ‘Vol I. Chapter 1. Rites of Initiation’

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