Teen Suicide – ‘Bad Vibes Forever’

Posted on 27/08/2011


Teen Suicide‘s music is easily on par with their band name in how lazy and juvenile it is, but it’s far from being as terrible. Regrettable as their moniker is, Bad Vibes Forever is exactly the kind of album you want to play when you’re down on a hot summer day. It’s a combination of scummy, early Wavves-style lo-fi punk and laid back, Real Estate/Ducktails-y bedroom pop, perfect for a muggy afternoon when you’re out of ice cream and you hate everything. This record is largely sluggish and droning, but beneath the swirling fuzz and reverb-drenched vocals, there’s a strong sense of melody and an ear for a tune, as ‘Crying’ and ‘Nothing to Do’ attest to. There’s basically no information about the band, and the only related picture I could find was the above header (from their bandcamp), which pretty much says it all. So, stay inside, ignore your family, scowl and put this on on your headphones.

Teen Suicide – Bad Vibes Forever

Download: (Mediafire)

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