Tigers Jaw / Balance and Composure – ‘Split EP’

Posted on 26/08/2011


Balance and Composure (above) and Tigers Jaw released this split a while back, and I hand’t really given it much playtime for some unknown reason.  For the life of me I can’t understand why, since both these bands are incredible and the split had a tonne of hype.  Well anyway, it’s been my ‘driving-to-work-wishing-I-was-still-in-bed’ album for the past week.  It’s friday now, and i’m about to get off, so it felt fitting to post this.  Tigers Jaw seem to revamp their songs a lot (using the same riffs, lyrics etc.) and in this album have redone a few of their songs (e.g Danielson).  I like these better.  I like to view splits as battles between bands sometimes, and in this particular case, although a little bit of me dies inside admitting this, Balance and Composure fucked Tigers Jaw slightly harder than Tigers Jaw fucked Balance and Composure. Not much harder, only slightly.

Tigers Jaw / Balance and Composure – ‘Split EP’

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