MIXTAPE: Rick Smith

Posted on 26/08/2011


As if drumming in sludge-pop masterminds Torche (one of my favourite bands) and grindcore bros Shitstorm isn’t enough, Rick Smith also has an awesome taste in music. We asked him to tell us a little about ten songs he’s really into right now, and he was more than happy to oblige. To top it all off, I’ve compiled his playlist into a neat little zip file for download below.

Iceage – ‘Collapse’
A track from their LP New Brigade out on What’s Your Rupture? Records. This one is my favorite one. Unhinged punk with a slight goth/post-punk feel in the guitar playing.

Milk Music – ‘Be Here Now’
First track from their self released LP. Super fuzzed out guitars, great solid song writing, good hooks. Like a very heavy band from the Northwest from the 90’s, only now… and a real fuckin good one!


Boris – ‘Hope’
From the new LP Attention Please. A solid upbeat rocker with soft female vocals, makes me feel like I’m floating. I wish a song like this would blow up in the mainstream and give me faith in humanity again.

Helms Alee – ‘Pretty As Pie’
From their new full length on Hydra Head. One of my favorite bands out there right now. Their live show is even better than the recordings. This one is my favorite from Weatherhead. Slow, so heavy, and so catchy!

Big Business – ‘Always Never Know When to Quit’
First track off of their new self released Quadruple Single 12inch. I’ve always loved these guys and this one has some of my favorite drumming of Coady’s.


Thrones– ‘Ephraim’
A dark droning piece by bass master Joe Preston. Watching him play this live killed! This one is good for listening alone in a dark room.

Abner Jay – ‘Depressed’
Great old Southern blues/folk. This song feels good to hear when I’m feeling down. From his collection disc on Mississippi Records.

Kiss – ‘Mainline’
I’ve been on a huge Kiss kick recently, kind of outta nowhere. The chrous from this song has been stuck in my head for days now.


Rauh – ‘Sensi-Weed’
An unreleased track by Rauh that been floating on the internet. Really awesome, kind of reminds me of a darker harder Dynamix II with a repetitive industrial drum machine feel. Driving electronic minimalism.

Brian Eno – ‘Discreet Music’
Beautiful slow moving minimalism. I’ve been meditating and falling asleep to this album regularly. It truly lightens the mood in whatever room I play this in and makes me feel like I’m light as a feather sometimes.

Playlist: Rick Smith

Download: (Mediafire)

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