Four Eyes – ‘Towards the End of Cosmic Loneliness’

Posted on 22/08/2011


I’m at a really significant and meaningful stage of my life as a moody teenager, so, of course, soundtracking this phase is of the utmost importance. How lucky I am, then, to have stumbled upon Four Eyes recently! This is lo-fi, punkish pop with great hooks and melodies, sweet lyrics about crying to your friends and drinking too much, and all played just sloppily enough to complement the awesome songwriting. All four of the songs that make up Towards the End of Cosmic Loneliness make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, it’s an EP that makes me want to break up with small town white girls and then cycle home reflectively or something. This band does nothing particularly new here, but it’s refreshingly honest, and definitely one of the best things I’ve heard this year.

Four Eyes – Towards the End of Cosmic Loneliness

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