ACxDC – ‘Leech’ + ‘Milk Was a Bad Choice’

Posted on 21/08/2011


California’s brilliantly named ACxDC  (“Anti-Christ Demon Core”) put out one, solitary 7″ in 2005, but it was enough to cement their place alongside powerviolence gods like Crossed Out and Spazz. He Had It Comin’ was a potent, lightning fast slab of abusive, crusty grind/hardcore, all filtered through a healthy dose of self-awareness and a sense of humour, and the fact that the band broke up soon after only added to its semi-legendary status. Luckily for us, ACxDC reunited last year, the result being their upcoming follow-up 7″, the appropriately titled Second Coming, which will be out at some point this year. Thus far, two songs have been put out, both being much in the same vein as HHIC, and that it is to say speedy, heavy, and awesome as fuck. What more needs to be said, really?

ACxDC – ‘Leech’ + ‘Milk Was a Bad Choice’

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