The Atlas Moth – ‘Holes in the Desert’ + ‘Coffin Varnish’

Posted on 20/08/2011


In 2009, The Atlas Moth put out their excellent debut, A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky, a monolithic, monster of an album featuring a blistering combination of crushing, sludgy guitars and three (!) vocalists; I’d call this doom with a post-rock mindset. The band is now releasing their second record, entitled An Ache For the Distance, on September 9th, and judging by the two songs they’ve revealed thus far, it’s going to be killer. Dramatic and heavy in equal measure, I’d say the tracks are a step up from Blue Sky, and I’m pretty psyched to hear the full album. Using the throat-shredding vocals and devastating twin guitars lines characteristic of the band, ‘Coffin Varnish’ is almost overwhelming, while ‘Holes in the Desert’ is longer and more expansive, more dependent on a growing sense of atmosphere and a climatic end. As far as metal albums go, not much has stuck out for me this year, but I think The Atlas Moth might change that.

The Atlas Moth – ‘Holes in the Desert’ + ‘Coffin Varnish’

Download:Holes in the Desert‘ [Mediafire]

Download:Coffin Varnish‘ [Mediafire]

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