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Posted on 15/08/2011


It has long been rumoured that rap musician Dominique “Domo Genesis” Cole partakes in the inhalation of marijuana on a regular basis. Har-de-har, f’real though guys, Domo Genesis really, really likes weed, as you will most likely have gathered. As their audience continues to grow, the fact that OF is losing the approval of the very blogs that hyped them in the first place is undeniable, a process aided by the masses of white, middle class thirteen-year olds demanding to be “swagged out” and, of course, Tyler, The Creator’s increasingly irritating persona (the recent, hilariously unlikely Steve Albini beef, if you can call it that, being by far the most frustrating). If Odd Future is to maintain their trajectory, what they need is another ‘great’ (see: ‘really good’) release, to rank alongside ‘internet classics’ like Bastard and Earl, and seeing as Goblin was a colossal disappointment and Earl Sweatshirt won’t be out of Samoa/jail/purgatory until next year, my bet’s on Domo to take the lead.

Rolling Papers was tight as hell, featuring his distinctive, laid-back, stonery flow and the kind of airy, groggy production Tyler should have saved for himself. Who can deny the Fucking Awesomeness of songs like the ridiculously fun, gonzo-ish ‘Super Market’, the spacey ‘Domier’ and, of course, the title track? If supplied with suitable beats by Tyler or Left Brain or whoever, I wouldn’t put it past the guy to come up with an album to equal the aforementioned releases, especially considering how radical one-offs like the Michael Uzowuro-produced ‘Cashmere’, in particular, are. And why has he not been signed yet!?

Anyway, I’ve supplied a download link to Rolling Papers below, if, for some reason, you’ve decided to download it from a source other than the OF site, and I’ve put together a compilation of what I believe are all his one-off tracks and features to date, including his new flow over the instrumental to Kid Cudi (ew)’s ‘Glory’. Obviously, this probably won’t be accurate in like a week, but I tried. Uh, thank me later.

Domo Genesis – ‘Rolling Papers

Download: (Mediafire)

Domo Genesis – Singles, Collabs and Features

Tracklisting (not necessarily in this order)

1. Domo Genesis – Glory

2. Domo Genesis – Cashmere

3. Domo Genesis – Heart of Gold (feat. Tyler, The Creator)

4. Domo Genesis – Salute

5. Domo Genesis – Double Cheeseburger

6. Domo Genesis – Domier Chopped and Screwed

7. Domo Genesis – Boss’ Life

8. Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats – Who Dat

9. Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats – TangGolf

10. Earl Sweatshirt and Domo Genesis – Blade

11. MellowHype – Brain

12. OFWGKTA – Swag Me Out

13. Remy Banks & Hannibal King – More Clouds

14. Smoke DZA – Loaded Remix

15. TTDD – Love in da Mall

16. Tyler, The Creator – Pigs Fly

17. Tyler, The Creator – Window

Download: (Mediafire)

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