Gospel/The Kodan Armada – Split 10″

Posted on 14/08/2011


So I’m kind of obsessing about Gospel right now, this being my second post about the band in the past week. It depresses me that a band can release music of such quality and innovation and not get anywhere near the recognition it deserves. Sadly, their discography is frustratingly small, and along with their only album The Moon is a Dead World and the (apparently) one-off single ‘Tango’, both of which were discussed in this really rad post, the below split with similarly defunct screamo band The Kodan Armada rounds off their small run of releases. The EP includes two earlier, noticeably more sparse versions of two songs from TMIADW (‘Congratulations…You’ve Hit Bottom’ and ‘What Means of Witchery’) as well as, more significantly, a song not included on that album: the short, sharp shock that is ‘Goastandgun’. The song is a lot more demonstrative of the band’s hardcore roots, around a minute-and-a-half of furious, desperation-fuelled punk, stripped of any indication of prog… and is that two seconds of Justin Timberlake at the end of the song?

Recording a split release is always a risk for the bands involved because one inevitably produces something better than the other. Gospel takes the prize here, of course, but damned if The Kodan Armada don’t give it their all to get your attention. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed their side, given that I had deemed their contribution of little importance; Gospel took clear precedence. Props to the band, then, for the undeniable passion they put into their tracks, the highlight being the fiery, near-anthemic ‘Say Something’. This is one of those rare occasions where you should download a split because both bands are awesome!

Gospel/The Kodan Armada – Split 10″

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