Tech Out the Dresser 02: Isaiah & Hovey + Main Attrakionz Single

Posted on 13/08/2011


is and hov

Isaiah & Hovey are an MC/producer duo from Richmond, Virginia with full length out called Dante’s Love Inferno Machine that they’re giving away for free. They’ve got an indie rappy (almost why?-ish at times, and Hovey samples the Mountain Goats on “Kerosene”) blog rap thing going on, which does make for some pretty cringey moments, but they do have some really excellent tunes too. Don’t expect anything mindbowing; take it for what it is – an enjoyable pop-rap album – and it’s a good bunch of songs with some truly dope moments (the aformentioned “Kerosene”, for example). They’ve also got a new song out called “Descent” which is a quite a lot less poppy and sees them heading in a promising direction.

Dante’s Love Inferno Machine MP3s:’s+Love+Inferno+Machine

Descent MP3:


Main Attrakionz are Squadda B and Mondre M.A.N., a couple of young MC/producers in the process of blowing up at the forefront of the current uprising of lo-fi “cloud rap”, along with guys like Clams Casino and Spaceghostpurrp. They recently came out with Perfect Skies / Chuch, with the video for Perfect Skies making heavy blog rounds. With amazing woozy-nostalgic production by Friendzone, Perfect Skies / Chuch is definitely some of their best work so far, perfect for summer evenings with blunts and beers.

Download Link: