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Posted on 13/08/2011


Fuck Jason Mraz. Seriously, FUCK that guy. So I get dragged into some massive DIY store yesterday, and as if helping my family (LAME) and carrying heavy shit around wasn’t bad enough, they started playing ‘I’m Yours’ in between the elevator tunes on the PA. It’s actually extremely difficult for me to describe verbally just how intense my hatred for those nauseating three minutes is without resorting to excessive cursing, so try, if you will, to imagine a steaming, freshly churned pile of cow shit lying on a bed of grass. Think about it, real hard. That is as close to a tangible representation as it gets when it comes to that song, and that ‘artist’. Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever been that angry at a piece of music before, it was actually somewhat worrying. After gnashing my teeth and moaning softly to myself for the first minute or so, I decided to take action. Without a second thought, I took out my iPod, plugged in my earphones, scrolled down frantically and played the shit out of four Nails songs. As I recall, they were the title tracks of both Obscene Humanity and Unsilent Death, as well as ‘Alienate You I’ and ‘Scum Will Rise’. Bliss. My bloodlust sated, I tentatively removed my earphones to be greeted, mercifully, by the bland, dreary sounds of muzak. I sighed. Life went on.

Nails – ‘Obscene Humanity

Download: (Mediafire)

Nails – ‘Unsilent Death

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