Waxwing – ‘Nobody Can Take What Everybody Owns’

Posted on 31/07/2011


While emo isn’t really my department, Waxwing‘s Nobody Can Take What Everybody Owns is one of my favourite releases in the genre; showcasing a more refined, mature approach to songwriting than a lot of their peers. While the lyrics leave a lot to be desired, it’s the vocals that do a lot to set this band apart, semi-strained, but endearing in their passion, see ‘Colour’ for a prime example. The album as a whole is hugely inconsistent (I can’t count how many times ‘Records’ made me cringe), but songs like the aforementioned ‘Colour’, ‘G’, and the slightly unsettling ‘Deleporte’ more than make up for it. While the band broke up in 2005, members have popped up in the like-minded Gatsbys American Dream and, more significantly, experienced much more success in The Blood Brothers and resulting offshoots like Head Wound City and Jaguar Love. Feeling vaguely melancholy? Waxwing understands.

Download: Waxwing – Nobody Can Take What Everybody Owns

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