Realm Reality – ‘God Of War’ + ‘The Invisible Man’

Posted on 31/07/2011


Rick Gonzalez is definitely better known for his acting.  The only movie that comes to mind for me that he’s been in is Coach Carter (which coincidentally is a fucking amazing movie in my opinion), but he’s been in a bunch of other stuff that I can’t be fucked to go on IMDB to name.  More to the point though, he also raps, and surprisingly well.  Now when I decided to post this, I thought he only had the one Mixtape out BUT, a quick google search quickly proved me wrong and took me to a download of his newest mixtape, ‘The Invisible Man’ (May 23, 2011).  I’m currently downloading it (slowly) as I write, and i’m not bothered to listen before I post so if it’s bad, i’m sorry.  However, I have listened to ‘God Of War’ multiple times and it is really great.  ‘Hustle Hard’ probably stands out for me as the best track, followed by ‘Bloggin’ and ‘Rhyme Great’.  As always, linkz be below:

Realm Reality – ‘God Of War’

Download: Mediafire

Realm Reality – ‘The Invisible Man’

Download: Mediafire

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