Announcement: New Column Starts Tomorrow!

Posted on 31/07/2011


For the second, and hopefully one of the last, apologies for my absence lately, it’s summer and with it brings the fun of family vacation.  The good news is i’m back until tuesday (night), so for a few days I can blog the SHIT out of the internet.  Unfortunately, the bad news is I leave again pretty soon for, like, 2 weeks.  Whatever, it’s free.

Today is exciting though, as it’s the day before a totally new column begins on SunnyCellars by this dude Tim who we don’t even like.  Here’s some factual stuff about it:

1. It’s going to be focused on hip-hop
2. It’s by Tim
3. It’ll come out fortnightly (1st and 15th of EVERY FUCKING MONTH)
4. It’s probably going to be really SHIT

Tim promises us REAL HIP-HOP (pictured above)

Tim is not very good at writing (I think english is his second language?  I’ll have to confirm with D) so just bear with us, we’ll probably only let him write for a month or two.

Enough boring text based blogs, sorry, should be the last for a while.

– J –

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