Cities Aviv – ‘Digital Lows’

Posted on 23/07/2011


So my good friend Timothy hooked me up with this today.  Quite rightly, he pointed out the lack of hip-hop on this site, and together we brainstormed and came up with the following ideas to amend the situation:

1.  I will post some hip-hop

2. Tim will post some hip-hop

Starting soon (hopefully), Tim will be featuring in his own little hippity hop driven column (coming out fortnightly) where he will hopefully solve the problem addressed above.

Anyway, back to the tunes, this guy is cool.  I first heard ‘float on’ (video below) and had it on repeat for a good 3o minutes. Needless to say, I downloaded the album with great haste and as expected it’s very enjoyable.  The beats are really cool and i guess could be described as experimental, which I really dig.  At first i thought the rapping was just OK, but i’ve grown to appreciate.  Links below as usual:

Download: Cities Aviv – Digital Lows


– J –

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