Vagina Wolf (WU LYF) – Demo

Posted on 21/07/2011


WU LYF‘s Go Tell Fire to the Mountain is easily one of my favourite releases of the year thus far: it’s uplifting, exuberant, catchy and hugely refreshing. The band makes music of a kind I find impossible to set within a genre, and I can’t think of any bands they could be directly compared to. What they’re doing is truly unique. The fact that they used to record under the name Vagina Wolf (not to be confused with V▲GINA WOLF) is often mentioned, purely for the novelty of the name, but is rarely, if ever, expanded upon. So, I thought I’d change that. As far as I know, only four songs were released under their former moniker, and it took quite a while to locate them all, but I’ve compiled them for download below. The standout, and most recognisable song, is the passionate, almost anthemic ‘Nic Cave’, which has since been reworked into ‘Cave Song’ and was included on Go Tell Fire. While ‘Calm Down’ and ‘Gravitys Victory’ both serve as outlets for VW/WL’s more experimental side, ‘Scissors For Your Hair’ is an interesting indicator of the band’s development; shorter and more sparse in its arrangement than the lush, textured songs showcased on their full-length. While not an essential release by any means, for fans of the band this is definitely worth getting.

Download: Vagina Wolf (WU LYF) – Demo

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