All Pigs Must Die – ‘Pulverization’

Posted on 20/07/2011


On paper, the members of All Pigs Must Die make a truly jizzworthy combination, featuring members of The Hope Conspiracy, Bloodhorse, Give Up the Ghost, The Red Chord and, of course Converge. How could a band with such a lineup produce music that isn’t ridiculously good? It was with this in mind that I listened to 2010’s self-titled EP, and you can imagine my dismay when almost the entire release, bar one track (‘Noxchi Assault’), consisted of, to my ears at least, derivative, monotonous and, despite Kurt Ballou’s role as producer, surprisingly sterile metallic hardcore. Then again, from what I’ve read, my opinion seems to be in the minority, so maybe I’m missing something. Anyway, you can imagine my apprehension when I heard about the band’s upcoming full-length, especially considering its title, God is War, and its hideous album cover. Happily, the song the band has put out ahead of the album’s release, ‘Pulverization’ is a LOT better than I was expecting; it’s faster, shorter, and a lot more to the point than the three minute-plus songs featured on the EP. More importantly, the track’s riffs hit all my sweet spots. I think it’s safe to say I’m looking forward to this. God is War comes out on August 16th. Download ‘Pulverization’ below.

Download: All Pigs Must Die – Pulverization

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