Mare – S/T + ‘Night Goat’

Posted on 15/07/2011


Mare are a true enigma. The trio put out one, self-titled EP in 2004, contributed a cover of ‘Night Goat’ in 2005, for a Melvins compilation, and called it quits in 2007, due to “lack of motivation”. Listening to the EP, it’s almost impossible to imagine what they could have produced had they continued: their music is ridiculously varied, a blend of drawn out, high-pitched screams and angelic harmonies, crushing, sludgy guitars and restless, varied drums. That may not sound like an appealing description, but honestly, their EP may be one of the best and most under-appreciated releases of the last decade, the band was way ahead of their time. Vocalist Tyler Semrick-Palmateer was previously in The End (before they stopped playing hardcore), and, while their drummer, Caleb Collins, has since joined Circle Takes the Square, the remaining two members are rumoured to be part of mysterious, metal-tinged ambient/noise project Pyramids, which only serves to highlight just how eclectic Mare is as a band. I’ve put together the self-titled EP, plus the Melvins cover, for download below.

Download: Mare – S/T + ‘Night Goat’

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